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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

As a follow up to AO’s article about Risks associated with Online Behavior, we dive into the establishment of digital personas or the digital you. This means you have become a commodity and your digital identity could now be a technical biometric.

Fact - You leave a digital trace or digital dust every time you get online and as each speckle of dust is collected, whether you know it or not, your Digital Identity (DI) is established and continually fine-tuned. As your DI matures this gives people, companies, criminals, etc. a very detailed picture of everything you care about. Let’s weave in Data Science using Machine Learning and put those capabilities in the hands of companies or criminals that now know what you like, where you travel, what you buy, what you feel. They now have your DI and can exploit that digital you.

Establishment of a digital twin or establishment of a semi-related digital friend could also be used by criminals to create a realistic but alternate digital identity for the use of fraudulent activities.

Advanced Onion Inc (AO) recognizes that the Internet fogs the lines between personal and professional identities. We have researched how to identify synthetic personas for use in transnational fraud. We also recognize the commercial use cases for targeted marketing to the digital you.



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