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Providing unique platforms to exchange ideas, create solutions and network in the

world-class information security hub of Monterey, CA.


Insider Summit

The Insider Threat Summit has REBRANDED to the Insider Summit (IS). This annual, multi-day conference is the ideal platform for insider experts, advocates and students from various branches of the private and public sector.

IS9 details coming soon.

Watch for updates at

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Insider Threat-1842.jpg
Insider Threat-1842.jpg

8th Annual Insider Threat Summit

The Insider Threat Summit (ITS) was founded by Advanced Onion in 2015 and was the first of its kind. Our 8th iteration of the event in March 2024 was a huge success! We forged many new industry and government connections, expanded our knowledge of insider threat and risk, and gathered intel on what is needed in the industry for our next event. Many thanks to all who attended!


The newest event series is brought to you by the Original Insider Threat Summit crew at AO. This event is a single-day, intimate conference where we get into the "nook" of insider threat related personnel security and risk analytics.

Nook 2024 details coming soon.

Watch for updates at

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Insider Threat-1277.jpg
Insider Threat-1277.jpg

AO Tech Days

Tech days were half- to full-day events hosted in collaboration with our partners and customers to bring unprecedented and progressive solutions. These led to our larger Nook & ITS events. 


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

All of our events offer a Certificate for up to twenty CPE Credits. We can help you get industry or government approvals to attend, and depending on the event, we may sponsor local College and University students to attend for free. All events are considered to be excellent platforms for learning from industry experts, networking and securing solution-driven insights and tools.

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