"Where there's a will there's a way. But it all begins with you."


-- English Proverb

Valerie Linhoff

Director of Contracts and Proposals

Joining Advanced Onion in September 2012, Valerie oversees a variety of administrative functions including human resources, proposals, contracts and new revenue streams. After serving as a technology consultant and project manager for Minnesota’s Cargill, Inc., she moved to Monterey, California with her husband, who was on military deployment. Following their relocation, Valerie was a special projects coordinator at the Naval Postgraduate School working with a team to coordinate and execute a military education and research program. In this role, she interfaced with numerous agencies to provide innovative research and educational opportunities for government employees, both stateside and overseas. 

She has a MBA with an emphasis in organizational development and behavior. Her significant work experience includes procurement, contracting, financial and project management, and new and emerging technologies that support educational opportunities and proposal development for the federal government. 

Valerie and her husband enjoy spending their downtime wrangling their twin boys and dog, as well as exploring the outdoors on foot and horseback.