"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence."


-- Source Unknown

Mia Medeiros

Chief of Creative Marketing and PR

Mia's experience is deep-rooted in graphic design, fine arts and superior customer service. She obtained an AA in General Studies, with Dean's Honors at Monterey Peninsula College, then attended design school at San Diego State University, completing coursework for a BA in Applied Design. After working for advertising and public relations agencies in Sydney, Australia and San Diego, California, Mia began her association with Advanced Onion in 2004. Through her graphic design company, Project Temple, she designed and developed the initial logo and brand identity for Advanced Onion. Today, the logo and branding remain an integral part of Advanced Onion’s cutting-edge corporate identity. 

In her role as Chief Creative Strategist Mia is responsible for creating, managing and maintaining the Advanced Onion brand, identity, graphic and website design, social media, public relations and other forms of marketing and advertising by managing all aspects from production to execution. She also oversees Advanced Onion’s event coordination, sponsorships, employee team-building and community outreach programs to actively demonstrate the company’s commitment as a reputable, well-rounded corporate citizen. Her responsibilities also include serving as a client liaison, as well as supporting her team's Personnel Resources and miscellaneous administrative tasking. 

Mia and her husband have two young children and enjoy an active California lifestyle together. She also enjoys Seibukan Jujutsu, hiking, yoga and creating various forms of art through painting, writing, photography and cooking.