"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. "


-- Albert Einstein

Brad Morris

Chief Scientist and AO Labs Director

Brad transforms data into meaningful knowledge and gain. The founding Director of Advanced Onion (AO) Labs, a machine intelligence, research and data analytics business unit, Brad develops data-informed systems for autonomous applications. Moreover, through his graduate studies and professional development, Brad’s analytical, technical and domain expertise is frequently requested to stand up data-sustainable knowledge and discovery programs.     


As a practitioner, Brad believes in enhancing workflow efficiency through applied simplicity. His implementation of natural language processing, deep learning and other machine intelligence techniques have uniquely benefited private and public programs. A mantra of ‘less is more’, his methods of converting real-world puzzles to data problems frequently produces simple logic that is easily processed, understood and deployed. 

When he’s not working on the art-of-the-possible, Brad and his wife can be found hiking the central coast and living the California dream.